Jill DOWELL est une artiste peintre tendance impressionniste


Jill Dowell’s journey toward her career in fine art was one of the evolution of self through various forms of artistic engagement and expression. From an early age, she exhibited a great love and talent for music and followed its calling to pursue a Bachelor of Music Degree in Applied Voice from the University of Illinois, studying with the beloved and renowned baritone, William Warfield. Her academic pursuits included the study of French, Italian and German, as well as philosophy, all of which contributed to the expansion of her horizons. Through these experiences, and with the guidance of a beloved art mentor, the stage was set for the blossoming of her personal expression as a painter of fine art.  She currently divides her time between Southern California and Paris, drawing inspiration from the richness of these environments.

The artwork Jill creates as both an abstract expressionist painter and abstract impressionist painter, reflects the integration of the vibrational aspects of sound and color. Rhythm and movement are guiding elements of each composition she creates. Collectors and designers have found the presence of these works in their home or work environment to be an upliftment, as they balance the energy of the space. She often creates works which exemplify the beauty, fervor and soothing aspects of nature. And yet others incorporate stories which are elaborately woven throughout.

Modern and contemporary, Jill’s works are both sophisticated and bold, wh

ile embracing organic elements. Through the use of vivid colors, texture and movement she follows her intuitive process to bring forth a design, inspiring a shared emotional response.

Jill DOWELL vit et travaille en Californie (USA)


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Quelques œuvres de l’artiste :


Lush Life
Pinky Swear
Rose Garden
The High Road

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